Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell on Worn Not Wasted?

Sellers can sell clothing, footwear, jewelry, fashion accessories, watches and more. If you can wear it, you can sell it on Worn Not Wasted!

On the Homepage click on the "Open A Store" button: Fill in your email address Create a user name Create a strong password. Once you have completed the Login information, you will be directed to our 3 levels of success: Side Hustle, Startup, and Empire. 1. SIDE HUSTLE FREE to list items! You will only pay a 10% commission once the item sells You will also need to pay PayPal transaction fees 2. STARTUP Free to list items $50 per month. NO COMMISSION FEES Cancel anytime You will need to pay PayPal transaction fees. 3. EMPIRE FREE to list items $75 per month NO COMMISSION FEES Availability to purchase Feature Items Run sales and promotions Cancel anytime You will need to pay PayPal transaction fees. Choose which level of success works best for you. If you are just starting your reseller business, you may want to start with the SIDE HUSTLE because there are no start up costs. If you know you will be selling more than $500 per month on Worn Not Wasted, We suggest the STARTUP level. Finally, if you plan on putting items on sale, or want Featured items EMPIRE is for you. You can always upgrade at any time as well as cancel at any time. Once you have chosen your success level, you are ready to start listing!

Go into My Listings tab & click ‘Add New’ Create a name for your listing & a category. Add a description. Give an accurate condition of the item. Set price and quantity. Add images to your listing and a YouTube URL (if you so choose). Enter your address and specify how you will ship your item (USPS, FedEx, flat rate, or this item will not be shipped). Include the weight and dimension. Enter pickup address if applicable. Select relative tags to broaden your item's Visibility. Enter an ID Number & Location ID for your inventory (if you so wish). Add an optional custom message at checkout. Don’t forget to add your refund policy! Hit ‘Publish,’ and you’re done!

You can choose your carrier on Worn Not Wasted (USPS, FedEx). Your labels are already formatted to a standard size (4x6 for label printers). It is not necessary to measure or weigh your item when you're ready to ship (details were added when you listed)! You can print the shipping labels from the sellers dashboard in the orders tab. Print, adhere to the box, and ship quickly! Tracking information is automatically updated on the platform. FLAT RATE SHIPPING When you choose the Flat Rate Shipping option, you are responsible for the shipping costs and the shipping method. You will not receive a shipping label from Worn Not Wasted.

When your shipped item is delivered. PayPal holds your money until the item has been delivered. When the item is delivered, you will see the proceeds in your PayPal account.

Unlike stores, online shops are open 24/7! You can shop day or night, whenever your heart desires. 1. Do multiple searches when looking for a specific item. Sellers won't necessarily name an item the exact way you would. Get creative when hunting an item down. Instead of typing "Y2K Levi Jeans", type in "Levi 2000's Jeans". 2. Visit Worn Not Wasted periodically during the day or night in case an item gets listed that you've been scoping! 3. Check the photos and zoom in on details. See what flaws come with the piece. Are you willing to fix them or wear them with confidence? 4. Select the Buy It Now option before someone else scores it! Or select the Send Offer option and name your reasonable price to land a discount. 5. Not ready to purchase? Select the heart icon! You can always refer to your list of likes to revisit anything that caught your eye. HAPPY SHOPPING!

VERIFY PROSPECTIVE SELLERS Check Out Your Seller’s Stats! Ratings will be your guiding light as to whether a seller is trustworthy, communicative, and responsible. Look to see what other buyers have said about their experience. If the seller you're purchasing from is new to the platform, verify them through their website if they've included one on their page. Or send them a message! Ask them any questions you have about the item, their shipping time, and the condition. If they answer your question efficiently, be the first one to support their shop and leave a review!

LEAVE A REVIEW Feedback Makes the World Go ‘Round! The most important part of purchasing and supporting an online seller is letting others know about your positive experience! Leave them a review and mention any and all of the positive aspects of your purchase. This is also a great way to mention if something went critically wrong. This can save other buyers from purchasing from the seller. Remember - Worn Not Wasted is integrated with PayPal, so your purchase is always protected!

At this time, Worn Not Wasted is only available in the continental United States. We hope to expand buying and selling outside the United States in the future.

Each store may have different Refund and Return policies. We recommend you review the store's Refund and Return policy prior to making your purchase. Remember, all purchases are protected by PayPal Purchase Protection Plan. If you don't receive the item that you ordered, or it shows up significantly different from its description, you may qualify for Purchase Protection, and we'll reimburse you for the full purchase price plus any original shipping costs, subject to terms and limitations.

ONLY EMPIRE MEMBERSHIPS HAVE ACCESS TO FEATURED LISTINGS From your seller's dashboard, click on my listings, go to the listing you want to become a Featured Listing. Click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner, and choose featured listing. You will need to pay for the Featured Listing with a Credit Card or a PayPal account. Your listing will then appear as a Featured Listing. All sales are final for Featured Listings. We have a No Refund policy on all Featured Listings.

We withhold the right to remove any review that is unverified.

✅Go under your 'Settings' ☑️Then go to 'Cashout' ✅Click on 'Connect with PayPal' ☑️Follow the PayPal steps Don't have a PayPal Business Account? Here's a link to assist you: